The most trending topic on social media was Asim Azhar and
Areeqa Haq’s song “Tum Tum” which is finally out now. It is the
most hot topic nowadays as the song is a collaboration of various
famous artists such as Asim Azhar, the tiktok star Areeqa Haq,
the sensational Shamoon Ismail, Raamis, Talha Anjum and
Talhah Yunas of the Young Stunners Fame. Moreover the song
consists of the special appearance of the stunning Hania Aamir.
This song basically targets all the gold diggers. It is a humorous song and talks about the relationships of 21st century. The girls nowadays look for nothing but money and all the boyfriends they spend all their pocket money or salaries satisfying their girlfriends. This is done by buying them expensive gifts such as the branded bags etc. Tum tum has a lot of potential as it talks about the stereotypical trends of our society of how girls expect their boyfriends to be.

Audience is loving the bold appearance of Hania Amir in the song. Her black dress and her stunning look is being appreciated all over the social media.

How do you like her look?