With a hint class and a touch of sex appeal, the current off-the-shoulder trend is one of the hottest looks this season and there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t join in. The off-the-shoulder design can be found in tops or in dresses, making it endlessly versatile and extremely popular. Pair it with jeans or a shirt. Dress or shorts. Everything works and wonderfully so!

1. Gigi Hadid in a stunning sky blue off shoulder top

2. Anushka Sharma wearing a frilly off-shoulder tea pink dress

3. Aliya Bhatt looking pretty as a pictire in this patterned off-shoulder strap dress

4. Iqra Aziz tops all hotness charts in her pretty pink shoulder baring shirt

5. Kendall gets paparazzi attention with her skinny grey off shoulder top

6. Urwa looking fresh and vibrant in her white and floral edged off shoulder dress