The wedding season in upon us and everyone is in a rush to book the most amazing makeup artist, the best designers, the ideal photographer or get their hands on the greatest looking jewelry pieces. The race for the ultimate wedding is on-going so let us help you out in making the best choices. They surely aren’t friendly on your budget but will never disappoint in terms of making your wedding a dream come true.

The Dream Designer – Faraz Manan

To say that Faraz Manan’s bridal gown range is stunning would be an understatement. Manan’s forte lies in the clever detailing of thread work, delicate embellishments, applique and cutwork techniques with layering, cut, color and fusion tailoring.

The Mesmerizing Make-up Look – Mariam Khuwaja

Mariam Khuwaja’s brides stand apart from other brides. Why is that so? Her makeup looks focus on flawless skin, stunning beautifully set wide eyes, and an overall glow-y and illuminated complexion. She truly can be qualified as a makeup artist who can transform you within an hour into a beautiful, radient bride.

The Jaw-dropping Jewelry designer – Afzal Jewelers

Afzal jeweler is an iconic jewelry designer with   asymmetric, clean lines that looks classy and austere. From pearls to precious stones to Gold and silver, Afzal jewelers has something fine and delicate for everyone.

The Enchanting event managers – QYT Events

Qasim yar Tiwana Events know how to turn a wedding into a fantasy and dreamlike escapade. QYT calls himself a wedding stylist and rightfully so. His weddings are a world apart from the norm. They are absolutely breathtaking in terms of décor, color schemes and lightening. Everything wrapped in one

The Perfect Photographers – Maha’s Photography

A wedding is typically one of the most memorable days in a lifetime, one that people remember for years to come that is why capturing it in the most amazing form of photographs is a must and that is where Mahas photography comes in. Mahas Photography has a knack for turning the most ordinary moments into visual pieces of artwork. If your weddibg doesn’t look spectacular leave it on Maha to make sure it does in Photographs