Bunto’s bridal couture is in a league of its own

Her inspirations are gleaned from nature, heritage, royal courts and folklore, transferred with tireless precision on to yards upon yards of fabric.

It’s natural for a bride to focus a bit more on her wedding dress rather than other things going on around her.

Bunto Kazmi provides her own unique and various styles when it comes to her bridal collection. She is one of the most well-known names in the fashion industry.

Her styles are quite uniquely modern and traditional at the same time.

She designs the dresses according to your body type and make sure it suits and looks gorgeously beautiful on you.

The colour combinations she plays with are very trendy and end up being flawlessly attractive to the eye.

Her pieces reflects her ethos as a designer, her mastery over luxurious detailing, her penchant for the arts and traditions and her predilection for intricate craftsmanship.

It is Bunto’s love for her heritage and craft that attracts a sizeable number of clients to her office on a daily basis.

Most of them are eager brides-to-be, who are more than happy to dictate nothing more than their preferred color palette, leaving the intricacies to Bunto.

This is what makes Bunto the grand dame of bridal couture in Pakistan. She doesn’t merely make bridals rather pieces of art – with her fine eye for detail,

she creates veritable works of art, with the fabric serving as her canvas Bunto’s work isn’t just breathtakingly beautiful, its representative of our culture and traditions.