You all must’ve read about Cinderella; a simple yet pretty girl from a small town who meets her prince from a whole new world. In no time, he gets so attuned to her that he sweeps her off her feet and marries her; that’s exactly how the story of Alizay Fatima unfolds. Alizay Fatima, an innocent young girl in her early twenties was kept far away from the glitz and glam of the life of Pakistani celebrities. The naivety and artless candor of this young girl appealed to Dua Malik, the sister of Feroz khan when she first saw Alizay Fatima serving tea to the guests at a house party, “Sohail, dakhna, I will get a girl like her for Feroz”, she said.

In contrast, our Feroz khan who has long since been known as the heartthrob of the industry, not only effortlessly manages to make almost all of his co-stars fall in love with him but his boyish charm and unparalleled sex appeal earned him the title of the industry’s most sought after playboy.

Alizay had a die-hard crush on our playboy that definitely yielded fruit.


From their photographs and together it seems that Alizay has bewitched the previously promiscuous playboy to change his ways! We wish this fairy tale couple all the best for their life ahead!