5/5 Sisters Clears CSS Exam and Marks a New Bench.
All the social media platforms are talking about these five sisters namely Laila, Shireen, Sassi, Marvi and Zoha.

According to the reports, Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) announced the result that declared the youngest Sher sister, Zoha to clear the CSS. Previously her sisters cleared their exams Laila Malik Sher (2008), Shireen Malik Sher (2010) Sassi Malik Sher and Marvi Malik Sher (2017) and Zoha Malik Sher (2019) cleared CSS exams.

All five sisters are appointed at various government positions. The eldest sister Laila is currently the deputy commissioner of the Board of Revenue in Karachi. The second sister Shireen is the Director of the National Highway Authority of Islamabad Sassi Malik is undergoing training at Lahore Cantonment, whereas Marvi is the Assistant Commissioner of Abbottabad.

The youngest sister Zoha said that “My dream is to serve Pakistan by holding an administrative position.” These sisters made their parents proud not only the parents but also the entire nation. Their father named Mohammad Rafiq Awan, works in Wapda and hails from the Tarbela town of the Hazara Division in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They had moved to Rawalpindi due to their fathers job. We wish all the best to the sisters. This family truly represent Pakistan and we are proud of it.