The label ‘Shehla Chatoor’ is synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship.
Internationally the label is available in Dubai, Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Houston and London.

Shehla always looks forward to summer sojourns as she is able to recover, rejuvenate and get inspired.
Shehla Chatoor is known for her lean and toned body, her gorgeous hair and her impeccable taste in fashion.

We love Shehla’s bold and funky designs, which were a hit on the red carpet LSA. It’s not just her work that we’re crushing on, it’s her style!
Be it a fashion show, promotional event or a party, Shehla is always dressed to impress leaving all the women jealous and all the men swooning over her. Her style philosophy is simple: sophisticated, elegant and glamorous.

Shehla Chatoor is renowned for her exotic miniature detailing and threads work that exudes panache and elegance down to the last stitch. She specializes in bridal couture, luxury prêt and occasion wear using rich, opulent fabrics such as tulle, lamé, silks and chiffons. Her forte lies in attention to miniscule detail and beautifully formulated motifs.

She likes to experiment with structure and silhouette often opting for a streamlined frame that balances traditional with contemporary. Shehla also creates luxury accessories to complement her ensembles using the highest quality leather, fabrics and gemstones. Her recent collection showcased the ‘Soigné’ prints which are tailored in the most glamorous high fashion silhouettes that swept audiences from the go.

Shehla is a goldmine of raw talent, obsessed with vintage crafts and adamantly unwilling to settle for anything less than perfection in all aspects. She started her own bridal trousseau seventeen years back due to lack of appealing options, she had always been infatuated with timeless and age old techniques, she wants to revive them in her own way.

Shehla has been working all this time not to just become best amongst the best but to struggle its way to bring new diverse designs to the market. The company knows very well the craft of interchanging traditional designs into new modern styles.

She has been working diligently to cover international markets and already is the much talked about,
big name in the town for the commitment and creativity she adorns