Seeing all of those couple goals post, I’m sure everyone one of you might be wanting to get hitched right? You are still on your prince waiting list, but these people mentioned  below have surely got their perfect side kicks they have been waiting for, all life long. Here I’m going to list the most popular couples, that make us go all cray cray over their love-bonding.

1- Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

Nick jonas, a hollywood singer who’s praised for his world famous songs, has surely given his heart to priyanka, the diva in bollywood as you all might have known! The relationship is for sure a great example for us that love sees no boundaries! Priyanka being 10 years older than Nick Jonas. They both still steal everybody’s hearts and seeing them together was a sweet shock for everybody around the world. They both are head over heels for each other. Not only me, but their recent pictures are drool worthy !

2- Alia Bhatt and Ranbhir Kapoor

No introduction required here! Alia bhat and Ranbhir kapoor, both exceptional actors always surprising us with there awe-inspiring acting skills, have been quite into one another! Ranbhir wants to give dignity to his relation, as  quoted by the news. Ranbhir kapoor, has broken hearts before, but this time we hope he sets an example that perfection does exists!
Their pictures are cute enough for us to say #couplegoals! Every time!

3. Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse

The king and the queen of the world famous show Rivverdale had previously a lot of rumors of them dating. As much as we have loved Archie and Betty’s chemistry off screen, we’ve loved their bonding off camera as well. This rumored couple initially surely did not wanted to solve the mystery for us, but then were found getting all lovey dovey in Paris as they were found kissing! They were surely caught in the magic of the dream city. They really did made seem to make their relationship official in public long ago, but we can’t wait for them to give us the true evidence through their words, and bless us with another example of perfection!

4. Feroze Khan and Alizah Fatima

Feroze khan did break many hearts as soon as he announced his marriage. We also got the sweetest surprise when we saw the his bride who was the epitome of cuteness! This is another dream couple, who are perfect for each other, still making us believe  at how god has decided everyone’s partners over there, yea somewhere in the sky! Haha!

5. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

You all might have seen fairytales on TV , but our generation is blessed to see a real life fairy tale. Meghan markle, a film and television actress literally made the couple of the year with Prince harry. They both got hitched on 19th may making everybody astound with their sense of style and elegance. Not only this, but their love story had made us adore them even more! Meghan who started her acting career as the breif case girl in the popular show Deal or no Deal stood next to her real life prince. This shows that fairy tale magic does exist! Love sees no boundary.