The famous Hania Aamir takes to Twitter and shares some words that were seemingly directed towards her ex Asim Azhar. Recently, Hania Aamir hosted an Instagram live and a part of the feed.

was trimmed and a part of a video was trimmed, cut down by a man and was ejaculating onto that and the video was updated on the gram.

After that Hania was trolled on the social media for having a close relationship with director Wajahat Rauf’s son Aashir Wajahat. Aashir is younger than Hania and then Nayel his brother was also standing aside. In the video all three of them were jamming to Aashir’s latest music video release “Kyun”. The physical intimacy between Aashir and Hania was seen as something very disturbing by the viewers. Right after this Hania’s ex Asim Azhar posted a cryptic tweet on social media which the fans suppose was for Hania.

After that Hania posted a video on Instagram of her crying and explained her side of story.

She talked about how the world is misogynist and have double standards.

After that Asim Azhar shared a note with his fans and told how he is not responsible for what is being said about him.

What do you think about the ongoing situation?