Marriage on the cards !

Urwa and Farhan’s marriage is almost too good to be true. Despite belonging to the same profession, there’s no professional rivalry and absolutely no jealousy. The way these two go on about each other, they could form a mutual admiration society. Ask Farhan what he likes best about his wife and he gets sweetly baffled. “There are just so many things!” his voice drifts off. Ask Syra the same question and she chortles, “His pretty face, of course!”.

If the story isn’t all roses and violins yet, both families were euphoric that they were getting married. Instead, the family threw them a phenomenal, fabulous extravaganza of a wedding. “I think my own wedding was the best wedding I have ever attended,” says Farhan. “Our entire families were on the dance floor with us and everybody was just enjoying themselves.”

This is no stereotypical couple where the wife can’t pursue a career. In fact, Farhan feels that his wife is more successful than he is professionally – and is proud of it!

Similarly, Urwa is no temperamental wife who can’t digest her husband’s lovelorn teenage fans. “I think I may have felt insecure if I had been in some other profession,” she mulls. “But since I am in the same field, on the same stage with him, with my own group of male fans, I really can’t blame him.”

Urwa and Farhan make marriage sound like fun. They are, above all, good friends who hang out together but also know when to give each other space.