Every Ramadan brings amazingly entertaining drama serials which consist of family drama. This year the Pakistani drama industry has outdone them and has produced some excellent dramas with distinct storyline. Moreover, there are fresh onscreen couples this time and the audience will be amazed by the pairing and the superb acting. 

1- Tana Bana

Alizeh Shah and Danyal Zafar will be seen together in the drama serial by Hum TV “Tana Bana”. The story is about a boy who is a hardcore horoscope believer. The boy comes across a girl who isn’t exactly a match for him based on their horoscope but he still goes for it. Alizeh Shah, the girls takes a stand for her aims and this is how the whole story goes. There is romance, comedy, drama in this whole serial.

2 – Chupke Chupke

The writer of the famous drama serial Suno Chanda comes up with a new script and new faces the fabulous Ayeza Khan and Osman Khalid Butt.  Chupke Chupke is going to be a comedy revolving around two families. It is definitely going to be a big hit and the fans of Suno Chanda will definitely find a lot of similarities considering it are coming from the same writer.

3 – Ishq Jalebi

The story basically revolves around a family where these two characters Madiha Imam and Wahaj Ali come from. Madiha Imam is plays a very creative girl and she is very attached to her family. She is very upset about her broken engagement and Wahaj is in love with her states that he’ll mend her. The two leads share adorable chemistry which so far looks like a treat to watch.

Which drama serial excites you the most?