The teaser of Tich Button has released and it has exceeded our expectations. The very filmy teaser opens with the desi and heroic avatar of Farhan Saeed who steals the show away. Feroze Khan Dons a modern look while his character is just as mischievous as Farhan Saeed’s character.

Above all, the direction of the teaser is brilliant. This is the directorial film debut of Qasim Ali Mureed and he has already proved that he is a creative genius! We get to see some beautiful wide shots of lush greenery and some scenic wide shots from above. The depth of these shots makes them very cinematic. There are several vibrant and catchy scenes which feast the eyes.

Tich Button was a fairly anticipated film with a mild buzz. However the film’s exhilarating teaser has established it as promising film that will certainly be a competitor in cinemas! The teaser displayed a lot of promise, establishing it as a major film!