Karachi as we all know is known to be the hub of ultimate dining experience booth in terms of amazing food and a wonderful ambiance. For iftar there are a few restaurants that are highly popular and offer the best iftar buffets in town. Whether you are a sea food lover or a BBQ fan Karachi has everything to offer to biggest of the foodies out there. Here is our list of the top 5 best Karachi iftar buffet options.

1. The Deli

True foodies go for the best taste and supreme quality. Well, The deli located in Clifton, Karachi wont disappoint you in that regard with its exotic and well-balanced dishes and flavours. The Deli tops the charts in contemporary continental cuisine and is a must try.

2. Daily Dubai Restaurant

You are not a Pakistani if you don’t love Desi food. Daily Dubai offers a gourmet style combination of Italian, Chinese, Continental and Desi dishes through the restaurant is  famous for its desi dishes but there is no harm in having everything you love in one place right? Even the price is highly affordable!

3. Cafe Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto has been maintaining its quality level for more than a decade now. With its Mediterranean style restaurant combined with the with a culinary twist of new age fusion, Cafe Aylanto’s iftaar buffet menu is full of refreshing and light dishes this iftar. From its Mediterranean sole to its pasta dishes, You will surely not be disappointed.

4. Fushia Kitchen

Fushia Kitchen is a modern Asian restaurant inspired by Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean flavors. If you’re looking for a diversity of zests and amalgamation of pleasant flavor’s that your taste buds have never been exposed to then yes, Fushia Kitchen is your Safe bet this iftar.

5. Bella Vita

oh this is not your contemporary buffet experience. With your choice of a starter, a main course and a scoop of ice cream (main courses ranging from steaks, prawns, or poultry), this restaurant believes in quality over quantity. Bella vita has moved away from the stereotypical iftar experience to a more satisfactory one because lets face it, there is so much you can eat so at least savor it completely.