Sunny days, lightest of the rains, Popsicles, and much more, YES you’re right. Summer is here, and you don’t want to miss out on the fun activities you can do this summer. Take out your time, and hit your laptops, to watch movies, that will make you enjoy your summer a tid bit more!

Here I am going to tell you about the top five best of the Bollywood movies, you can catch on this summer. So what are you waiting for?


There’s no chance you can miss out on this perfect chick-flick movie that came out this June! It’s an excellent break from all the cheesy romantic movies, providing you’ll with a chance to reinforce your love dovey relation with your girl gang: veeres! The movie highlights a group of girlfriends, showing the warmth they have for each other. As their journey embarks, it also gives us a close insight on failed love, marriages, and acceptance in general. The well-known actors and the mind boggling music in the film will leave you completely star struck and amazed.


Sanjay Dutt is really a very lucky guy to be showcased in a movie, that recreatee all his life moments, perfectly acted out by another well known actor, who leaves you in awe, everytime by his impressive acting skills. Yes I’m talking about Ranbir kapoor. Sanju is a movie made up on the life of the iconic star ‘Sanjay Dutt’. Recreating this star’s life in a movie, I’m perfectly sure will leave your heart in nostalgia, and amazed by the many phases of dutts life that are shown in the movie. Lastly the cast, and the heart touching music that will make the dutts story even more intresting, will be a full package for you guys.


I am sure it will be a visual treat to see the newbies, Ishaan and Jhanvi, both completely fit for the starscreen to surprise us with their wonderful acting skills, portraying a story about love, and the struggles the the lovers have to go through. It is a beautiful love story, giving us a close-up about young love, and passion. The movie is a remake of Sairat, that already has a huge place in our hearts, but I’m sure dhadak will carry a much larger space inside our hearts, by recreating the magic. The trailer has already left everybody impatient, coupled with the heart touching music and the new faces to show the new side of love, is truly a necessity this summer!


Providing us with her amazing acting skills, Alia bhatt, has showed us how much of a wonderful actor she is. Another movie with a great topic is once called Raazi. It emphasizes the enemy relationship between India- Pakistan, where an Indian spy woman marries a Pakistani man, during 1971 war. It is greatly successful in grabbing our attention, by its highly realistic theme, and showing us a clear picture of a girl, and her journey as a spy. The eye catching presence of the great actors such starring alia and of course the music is the best thing you’ll ever get to see.


Another great movie, starring Ishaan( as a drug dealer who’s caught) again with his natural and mind blowing acting that already won hearts of everyone who saw his movie. Highlighting issues such as drug abuse, killing, and generally how giving us an insight on slum life. Another amazing work of art by Majid majidi, leaving an amazing print in our hearts, yet again creating magic, by generally showing the sufferings and struggles of these children in the most realistic way possible. Highly recommended, and i am sure it will conquer your heart as it had, for the most of them!