As Eid ul Azha is around the corner and all the ladies are looking for their Eid outfits. These designers have launched their brilliant Festive collection with plenty of colors and variety of designs. Scroll down for the head turning designs and magnificent cuts.

1- Shehla Chatoor

Shehla Chatoor has the most beautiful patterns and exquisite designs which are perfect for the Eid. There is flawless aesthetic detail in every pattern.

2 – Ansab Jahangir Studio

Ansab’s collection consists of mesmerizing colors and stylish cuts. It is the best for ladies who prefer plain clothes with traditional yet modern cuts. The clothes are very subtle and decent.

3 – Hussain Rehar

Hussain Rehar has very eye catchy Festive collection which are fancy but easy to wear. They are breezy and also easy to carry. His collection consists of a huge of magnificent colors and brilliant embellishments.

4 – Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari designs are way too aesthetic and enthralling. The colors are bright and over whelming. Perfect for the Eid and the blistering heat. Rise and shine!

5 – Elan by Khadija Shah

Élan is the best seller and it’s collection is the most awaited collection of the year. The lovely and breath taking designs are worth the wait. From sequences to patterns and then to material everything is made and crafted perfectly.

Who is your favorite designer?