Ramadan is a glorious month of blessings that not only brings us closer to Allah but closer to our families too. So here are the top places that not only offer great quality food but have a wonderful ambience to just sit and enjoy your iftaari at peace.

1) Poet Restaurant

It is newly opened restaurant in old Lahore and as the name suggests its theme is based on the fusion of Sufism and spectacular food. Here is how it looks like

Majestic isn’t it?

The iftaar menu comprises mostly of traditional dishes so if you’re looking for a pure desi iftaari with a royal touch then the poet is a must try


2) Tuscany Courtyard

Next in line is the marvelous blend of Italian and continental food at the Tuscany Courtyard at MMalam. The Restaurant offers a dynamic Italian restaurant feel combined with premium quality food.

The iftaar buffet is between Rs1500-Rs2000 offering an assortment of various exotic Chicken and Fish dishes.

3) Gaia

When discussing exotic cuisines how can we possibly miss Gaia? the only restaurant in Lahore that offers a delectable twist of a Japanese-Asian fusion. It is located in DHA Phase 5 and is mostly famous for its sushi dishes and its breathtaking ambiance. Take a look for yourself

Here is the Iftaar Price and timings for Gaia,

4) Wasabi

On a similar note combining Japanese, Asian and Thai Cuisines is Wasabi in Y block, DHA. Wasabi is well-known for its tempura, prawn and noodle dishes which are rich in both taste and in terms of quality. if you are a sea food lover, Wasabi is your safe bet!

5) Mandarin Kitchen

How could we leave the Chinese lovers out of the equation? Dont worry, We have got you Chinese lovers covered too. Mandarin Kitchen in DHA, Y block has opened its doors for Iftaar. With its live cooking feature

and deliciously flavorful Chinese dishes. It tops the charts for one of the best Chinese restaurants in Lahore. Here is its buffet timings and price.