It’s obvious that teenagers are free at this time of the year, having their time of their life yeaa! But you guys need to have some more  light in your life and these LIT youtubers are the way to go! Here i am going to tell you about 5 most famous and damn insane youtubers that’ll fill your heart with obsession, that obviously going to be them!!

1- Bretman Rock

No introduction is needed here when it comes to THE bretman rock. The renowed gay makeup artist who will make you wanna go and meet him. I swear to god! Keeping aside his makeup skills that we know are seriously whack, he owns a youtube channel too. He does makeup, bitch with his sister that’ll make you laugh your hair off, and I’m sure there will be not one, not two, but many more videos that you’ll click after you see him.
You need that constant sassiness in your life, and his youtube channel will provide you with not only that, but also inspiration that you’ll get by seeing his damn confidence.

2. Ace family

This youtube channel is owned by an insanely beautiful family of three living in LA,(the dad) who is the most savage yet the most kindhearted person you’ll see on camera! Catherine ( the mom) who is the most beautiful, and toned up mommy ever! And finally the cherry pie on top elle ( their toddler) is the most awedorable baby you’ll see! Their vlogs will seriously make your day. Watchng their videos are a treat to watch, not regretting a moment after! Seeing their life in general, their very big and beautiful house( more like a mansion eh?), yes and their backyard, their buddies, their parties, birthdays, all of it will completely leave your jaws hanging down! Not to forget their another lil princess is still loading!

3- Cole and Savannah

Savannah had gone out from a horrible relationship, and all she had was hope and her daughter Everleigh with her. It was after that an angel ( cole)came into her life and made her a princess. No its not a fairytale but a real story. Yes! I’m talking about cole and savannah. This dream couple is seriously gold with their beautiful chemistry. Their vlogs are no less than other youtubers. Just generally seeing how their life goes, watching the cutie-pie Everleigh, and now the soon to be born babygirl is always a treat to watch! Yes. Heroes do exist.

4. Collins Key

This insane youtuber makes even more insane videos winning so many hearts over his channel! A key to his loved videos is also his blue-eyed brother devan key, who’s the crush of every girl down the street! These both brothers pair up to make the most lit videos, and their fan following is increasing day by day. He does DIYS, collabs, tasting, trying products, and many more fun things that your eyes have to see! So you might as well subscribe to the key brothers! (Awe do it for their beauty!)

5. Brooklyn and Bailey

These barbie faced twin youtubers started their career very young and now they are here!
First of all, their beautiful eyes are to die for!
You have to subscribe to them and see their cuteness atleast once! They do different videos that have got you covered and you don’t want to miss out on seeing their beautiful family, their kickass dressing sense and of course their videos that have almost everything you will want to see!