Keeping up with the STYLE and the TRENDS!

Fashion bloggers and influencers play an important part in our fashion
industry. In this era of social media and technology these influencers are
the center of attention. They style according to the trends and then their
followers incorporate their styles in their lives.

1 – Shanzaay Sheikh
Shanzaay Sheikh is known for lots of ventures such as working with
Sunday Times and also she is the brand Ambassador of So Kamal. Other
than this she has a great online empire.

2 – Aden Rehan

Aden Rehan is a beautiful person in and out and her style is
impeccable. She is a very generous person and has always
talked about her body changes with time.

3 – Hemayal Attique

Hemayal is an fashion enthusiast and she created different looks
on her Instagram feed. She is and great inspiration for everyone.

4 – Humna Raza

Humna is young, active and a lively blogger. She is a
businesswomen and her hyperactive Instagram is loved across
the globe.

5 – Aaniat Khalid

She is an amazing beautiful blogger and helps her followers
overcome the beauty issues.
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