How many of you suffer from OCD? Oh not the normal kind; the Obsessive Coffee Disorder. Well I am one of them! And it is crucial for me to find a coffee place that serves the richest survival juice for me to wake up every morning right before reality kicks in! Here is a list of the top 5 coffee places in Lahore to satisfy for deepest craving for that unavoidable everyday brew.

5) Coffee Planet

It is a Coffee house that traces its origins back to UAE and has around 5 outlets only in Lahore. Coffee planet’s first and most prominent outlet is present in DHA and it serves coffee that not only soothes the soul but also calms down the demons inside. Oh yes, it is magical!


4) The Coffee bean and Tea leaf

Born in California, now in Pakistan; The firm claims that they only selects the top 1% of Arabica beans from the world’s best growing regions in East Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific. Well we have tried it and we must say the statement carries weight! Its quality speaks for itself. If you are a true coffee lover and enjoy the deeply entrenched earthy and nutty taste more than anything else then this is the place for you!


3) Espresso

“Coffee is what we are really, really great at”, is the tagline of the company. Formally known as Carraro, Espresso is one of the pioneers of coffee in Pakistan and rightfully deserves that place considering it knows how to make coffee the right way! They recently started their espresso delivery, Coffee delivered to you right at your doorstep or office step… in my case; what an idea! Their vanilla coffee tastes like a sip of heaven; it has that rich, bitter-sweet coffee flavor just like we love it!


2) Mocca Coffee

Having just two outlets in Lahore (packages mall and mall one), Mocca Coffee in such a small time frame has developed a good reputation as a premium coffee shop. They use small batches of coffee blends and carefully roast them to perfection which is why it tastes so darn luxurious! The coffee can claim supremacy over all! (Except number 1 of course

1) Gloria Jean’s Coffee

There are peers then there are masters of the best Coffee! Gloria jean’s Coffee has earned its international status for serving spectacular coffee for some reason. Gloria jean’s plays a major role in the development of the coffee culture on Pakistan thanks to Mr Rashid Ali khan (He is the guy who bought the Pakistan Gloria Jean’s franchise. Thankyou Mr Rashid!). From its espresso to its chillers(Simply love cocoloco!), Gloria jeans is every coffee lovers dream. Perfectly brewed to perfection, you can try the Very Vanilla Latté if you are more of a ‘creamy coffee lover’ or a Ristretto if you prefer coffee that carries the full punch!