One of the famous cities of Pakistan is Lahore, which along with its cultural heritage is known for its food. Following are the selection of top 6 dishes of Lahore that are finger licking good and make you want to have more regardless of their price and location.

1 – Butt Karahi

Located on the Main McLeod Road, Lakshmi Chowk, Butt Karahi is one of the most famous places visited in Lahore due to its mouthwatering Karahi.

2 – Lahori Chargha

The most scrumptious charga available in Lahore is the one at the Lakshmi Chowk.

With the right amount of spices to the Chargha cooked to perfection, it makes one want to drool at just the thought of it.

3 – Tawa Chicken

Available at the Fort View, Tawa Chicken is one of the most drool worthy dish of Lahore.

You enjoy it with not only fresh naans but an exotic view of Lahore Fort and the spectacular Badshahi Mosque.

4 – Fiqah Ki Lassi

It is a well-known Lassi place in Lahore and is something that one has to definitely try. No matter what the time, day, you always have to wait in line for your turn.

5 – Gol Gappay

Gol Gappay are a delight that need to be experienced to be understood. The crispy shells filled with chickpeas, dip into turmeric sauce and let the flavors run rampant on your taste buds.

6 – Bhutta (Grilled Corn)

Sometimes you don’t want to feel guilty by experimenting with street food and at times all you really need is grilled corn on the cob.