When it comes to wedding photography, some photographers simply steal the show. Whether it is the perfect lightening, flattering angles, skillful camera effects or the correct exposure, these photographers have it all covered. Here is a list of 10 brilliantly talented photographers in Pakistan who are both gifted and a few are perfect for you if you’re planning a wedding on a budget but aim for beautifully shot photographs.

Irfan Ahson

One simply can’t forget to mention Irfan Ahson under the topic of wedding photography. He is the one photographer who was a pioneer to the multi-million dollar wedding photography industry and in just a few years has become the most sought after trendsetting wedding photographer in Pakistan. He is known for his knack to capture grandeur at its best and showcases wedding photography as his own


Zain Ali

A talented photographer in the wedding photography industry over the past 5 years. If you have ever wished for a fairytale wedding in some enchanted far away land, Zain Ali has the skills and the expertise to give you exactly that. He is the master of photo manipulations when it comes to light, tone or the surrounding atmosphere to make every photograph appear dreamlike and absolutely stunning.

Shayan Ather

Shayan Ather a brilliant and affordable female wedding photographer who just came in the business a few years ago but has managed to establish a respectable name in the wedding industry. Right from her artistic shots of couples behind seemingly ordinary backgrounds to capturing the most emotionally endearing highlights of a wedding, Shayan Ather has what it takes to make it big.

Irfan Younas

Irfan Younas – photography with a difference is a photographer who has been in the photography industry for around 16 years now proves his experience and skill through his work. By encompassing the right angles, colors and lightening, he not only captures weddings like a professional but gives an almost enchanting, dreamlike quality to them. If you have a good budget for a wedding, he will give you exactly what you want.

Osman Pervaiz Mughal (OPM)

Osman Mughal is an artist as well as a photographer with a fine eye for detail. He employs the use of colorful hues and crisp creative shots which simply take the breath away. If you’re looking for a photographer that does vivid and original work and can afford to pay a price for it then look nowhere else, OPM is the way to go.

Umbreen Rasool

There is a craft behind beautiful wedding photography and it cannot be overlooked, that is what photographers like Umbreen Rasool represent through their photography. She captures the fun or quirky personalities of the bride and groom and showcases them as a work of art. For under PKR 200,000 and capture your timeless memories forever.

Alizeh Waqar

Alizah and Waqar are LUMS alumni who started their journey in 2014 and have only travelled north in their photography careers since then. The dynamic duo specializes in travel and lifestyle photography niche but have found out their passion in capturing breath-taking wedding photographs too. If you are based outside Lahore and want the best for your wedding, you have found the perfect fit.