Oscars 2018 like always was a star studded affair filled with the usual glitz and glam of the A-listers of Hollywood. Checkout some of the fascinating highlights of the 90th academy awards.

Frances McDormand was the the winner of the best actress award for her role as a bold mother who takes matters into her own hands to find her daughter’s murderers, in three billboards outside ebbing Missouri. Her speech for the Oscars was not only empowering for every women present at the event but further gave hope to the nominees who didn’t win that they were worth it. Check out her speech here.

A comic yet heart touching monologue by Jimmy felon who was also hosting the event was endearing yet hilarious. His personification of Oscar award itself as a neat and well-behaved guy and the thorough appreciation of the talent and limitless capacity of the people sitting out there in the audience was an honorable thing to behold. Check out his monologue speech here.

You all must remember the most shocking moment in the history of Oscars. “There’s a mistake. Moonlight, you guys won Best Picture.” Yes, you guessed it right! This year the subjects of last year’s envelopegate Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty (Bonnie and Clyde) were given another chance and after much humor regarding last year’s mishap they announced the award for best picture, The Shape of water. Oh and they did get it right this time! Check out the hysterical video here.

who would’ve guessed that James was such a sweetheart? James ivory wore a spectacularly unique shirt at the oscars this year. The actor was nominated as a screenwriter of Best Picture nominee ‘Call Me by Your Name’. The shirt actually had the printed face of one of the film’s stars, Timothée Chalamet.

Oh and lets share a rib-tickling incident that occurred with Frances Mcdormand during her Oscars after party. Her award was swiped off her table during the Governors Ball celebration after the ceremonies. It was found with a man named Terry Bryant who later uploaded a video on Facebook holding her Oscar, boasting about it and literally kissing it… subtle dude subtle. He was later arrested and Frances was reunited with her Oscar. Check out terry Bryant’s hysterical video here.