There is always some confusion when it comes to choosing professions. Your education and your subjects are the backbone when you’re looking for jobs because job is very important for future. What to choose and when to choose matters a lot. The sun is a country where there are not much options for jobs and if there are jobs they are not highly paid. Here are the top five professions that one can choose.

  1. Chartered Accountant

It is one of the most highly paid job in Pakistan. Once you acquire experience and knowledge your pay can also rise. Accountants hold the key positions when it comes to finance. The average pay is from 75,000 to 5 lac.

  • Physician cardiology and neurology

there are so many diseases related to brain and heart. also this area requires a lot of attention and expertise so the salary of this department is very high. Today is very extensive and it is not easy.

  • IT Professional

Today the society is technologically driven and everything is based on information and technology. this is a vast field and there are so many options in this field. The software developers and the software engineers have high wages.

  • Marketing manager

Having good marketing skills is very important for economics and selling products. This is a highly paid job the because great marketing skills can actually uplift the product and is beneficial for the company.

  • Mechanical Engineer

This is comparatively a new field in Pakistan and it deals with pure Sciences mathematics physics chemistry. It consists of power producing machines and generators.