Undoubtedly Pakistan’s Sensation!

Alyzeh Gabol is ruling hearts with her innocent smile!

She’s young, talented and promising.

With her striking looks, bubbly nature and sky-high confidence, Alyzeh is undoubtedly Pakistan’s top model! Currently one of fashion’s hottest models, particularly with those in the know . Alyzeh image is that of the all-Pakistani fresh-faced girl next door, groomed within an inch of her life. She started working at the age of sixteen with the renowned fashion photographers Guddu Shani and since then there has been no looking back.

Given that the essential bare-bones role of a model is to be a clothes hanger and a showcase for fashion accessories, it is truly remarkable that Alyzeh has managed to shine in whatever props that have been given her.

This brunette beauty has made fashionistas; fashion magazine editor, top notch designers and even other models sit up and take notice. She is on the billboards , covers , campaigns and on time . S

With her chameleon-like-ability to change her looks and camera-melting sex appeal, Alyzeh has risen up so fast in Pakistani fashion industry! The fact that she’s a model hasn’t gotten to her head. Her face and figure is fabulous and she knows exactly what she wants and delivers it.