The Pakistani Film Industry owes so much to these gorgeous ladies. They are immensely talented and extremely beautiful and this is the reason they are called the queens of Pakistani media industry! Here’s a list and the reason why they are so much known.

Mahira Khan is basically everybody’s favorite and an amazing actress. Her acting is appreciated worldwide specially her drama with Fawad Khan Humsafar. Other than this her movie with the Bollywood sensation Sharukh Khan named Raees is very much popular. Mahira Khan is also known for her beauty and her dress sense she knows how to carry eastern and western both. Moreover her attitude and her down to earth behavior made her everyone’s favorite.

Saba Qamar Zaman is a versatile actress known for doing powerful and fierce roles in dramas. She brings in positivity and represents strong women. Also she is very humble and sweet and her acting skills are remarkable. Her Bollywood debut with Irfan Khan in Hindi Medium was phenomenal!

Hira Mani is known for her beautiful radiant skin and simplicity. The way she carries herself in the drama is marvelous. People just a door her baby skin and also the way she is fit. Her acting in Do Bol was appreciated because of her simplicity and character in that drama. Similarly in Mere Paas Tum Ho her beauty was admired as well as her acting.

Aiman Khan is known for many reasons. First of all she is a very fine actress with both looks and perfect acting skills. Secondly she is a twin sister of the phenomenal actress Minal Khan and lastly she got married to Muneeb who is an amazing personality and a superb actor. Aiman is elegant and very sweet and she rocks every role.

Sajal Aly Oh God she is such a beauty! Sajal Aly has enthralling acting skills and a lovely face. She has so much innocence on her face that she aces every role. After she got married to Ahad Raza Mir she was praised even more because Ahad and Sajal make great couple. Her Bollywood film “Mom” is also very much powerful and it was loved by the both of the audience across the border.

Zara Noor Abbas Due to amazing family background which is full of wonderful actors such as Asma Abbas (mother) and Bushra Ansari (Aunt) and now Asad Siddiqui (Husband), Zara is everyone’s favorite. She is a Queen full of expressions and overloaded cuteness. Zara makes every role so much lively and comical that nobody is will to take their eyes off this beauty!

Minal Khan Despite playing such a negative role in Jalan she is still everyone’s love! This is because she manages to play every role beautifully beat negative or positive. She has similar reason because she is the twin sister of the gorgeous Aiman Khan.

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