We all know that every kind of complexion has its own tricks in terms of choosing the right foundations to which concealer would be perfect for color correction. Fortunately, In Pakistan most of us are blessed with that gorgeous, olive complexion that, let’s be honest, people in the west die for! Here are a few makeup tips and tricks for your glorious skin tone on how to make it even more stunning and glow-y.

Go Easy on the Foundation

Now unless you have acne problems or your skin tone is 8 different shades you won’t need a lot of foundation. Unlike people who are extremely fair and have problems with redness or have freckles to cover fortunately we don’t have such complications thus a light coat would do. Trust me.

Wear the Right Shade of Foundation

Every skin type has its own color of foundation and this is crucial to get that no makeup make up look you want. The biggest mistake that Pakistani girls make is that they choose the fairest of the foundations and end up looking like a big mess. A foundation with a yellow base is perfect for women with olive skin.

Choose darker lip colors

Lip colors such as ruby red, deep burgundy or vibrant hues of coral look absolutely ravishing on olive skin tones. The color contrast such lipstick colors create is simply breathtaking that no other skin tone/lipstick combination can keep up with.

The correct concealing

There is one downside to having olive skin.  People with our skin tones are most susceptible to dark under eye circles.  Luckily, these can be hidden with a little bit of concealer.

Like foundation, concealer should have a yellow tone too.  Apply an orange based color corrector under your eyes in a triangular shape before using a yellow concealer and Bulls Eye! Under eye circles gone in an instant!

Use Bronzer and Highlighters

Women with olive skin tones feel that bronzing their skin would lead to a tanning effect and they don’t usually dig that. Well bronzing if done right won’t tan you at all, it will just give your skin that healthy glow and your face that sculpted, youthful look we all strive for. Highlighting the top parts of your cheeks, your nose and your upper lips can help enhance your best features in the most vibrant way possible so don’t miss this step ladies!