“Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on Earth.” Well yes this is how it goes in the world but what’s the ideal time to get married. There are mixed views about this. The society we live in demands immediate marriage of girls after their High school or college. For girls in our society Education is not the priority but Marriage is. Similarly, for boys it is necessary to complete their education as they are to run their family. This is why there is a great age gap between the couple, the girl is young and the boy is elderly. This creates a lot of chaos in the marriage and which leads to further fights and then eventually to divorce.

To avoid all this we should know what is the ideal age to get married!

There are certain factors we need to keep on mind:

  1.  When both are done with their studies
  2. The girl is mature enough and comfortable with the partner
  3. When they have mutual understanding
  4. When they both are ready to compromise
  5. Lastly, when the man is ready to support his family

When all these points and factors are clear then it’s the perfect time to get married. It is very important for a successful marriage. Parents and families should also understand this and should make decisions according to this. Also marriage is between the couple and not within the families!

What do you think?

Pic Courtesy: Abdul Samad Zia