Yes, social distancing and isolation could lead to STRESS, ANXIETY AND DESPRESSION which makes our immunity low. This lockdown and social distancing is very important in order to overcome this virus. So here are some ways which you can practice during this lockdown. STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE.

  • Keep a track of your prayers and recite Holy Quran – this will help you the most. It will make you positive and will make you feel protected.
  • Cook food for your loved ones– it’s an amazing idea. The food will be delicious and full of hygiene at the same time.
  • Read and write– the best way to kill time in a very productive way!
  • Sketch and Paint– if you are interested in arts this is the best time to polish your skills
  • Yoga and dance– play music and dance this will bring the positive vibes and will make you feel HAPPIER.
  • Gardening– look after the plants and give time to your garden!
  • Spend time with your family– yes now you don’t have a busy schedule at all. LOOK AFTER YOUR FAMILY MEMBER AND GIVE THEM ATTENTION THEY HAVE BEEN CRAVING FOR.