As we all know winters are approaching and everybody is updating the winter wardrobe. We all know house where winters can be in Pakistan so the wardrobe should be compatible to the weather. Here is a list of some essential oils that you are winter wardrobe should possess.

1 – Cap and the Shawl

A shawl is very lightweight and is very easy to carry. You can wear a shawl as soon as it gets busy and go out in the evening or early in the morning. A cap also protects you from the cold breeze and also gives a classy look.

2 – Long Coat

A fashionable long coat makes you look sick in winters. It’s better if the long coat you buy is of bright colors. It will save it from getting dirty and also it will protect you from the cold.

3 – Velvet Dress and Long Boots

As we all know winter all about formal dinner is an evening parties. This velvet dresses appropriate for that and also the long boots helps you walk comfortably in extreme cold weather. You can also wear these boots with coats and sweaters.

4 – The Denim Jacket

A denim never goes wrong whether it’s an evening party or a brunch. Just wear denim jacket and go out in style and slay the look.

5 – The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is very trendy and comes out in different colors. This jacket is very warm and also very comfortable. You can also wear a light sweater under it or a turtleneck under it and slay.

These are some must haves for winters!