It was a lovely episode as Nilofer gets to know about his husband’s character. Humera and Nilofer’s bond flourishes and becomes stronger. Nilofer was living in denial before this. Nargis Bua plays an important role and Nilofer shared everything with Nargis Bua about what a wife feels and goes through. Mira Sethi performed very well. Nargis Bua is shown so loyal and sincere.

On the other hand Ana is trying her best to console Amaan but he is throwing tantrums and he is not in a good mood. The scenes between Nargis Bua and Ana on the call were emotional too. She knows about the murder and everything but she is still keeping everything to her. In the promo we see how Amaan finally shares things about her family and that his parents were murdered by Meer Farooq.      In the next episode Ana refuses Agha Jan to take her home.