WHAT A REMARKABLE EPISODE! Amazing acting! The truth exposed finally! Ana decided to find out about Amaan and she finally unlocks the door by finding the keys. There Ana saw the pictures of her and Meer Farooq. Amaan enters the room and then he had to tell Ana that it was Meer Farooq Zaman; her father who had murdered his entire family. Ana refuses to accept the bitter reality and gets angry.

On the other hand Meer Farooq is suspicious and he finds out the Sahira contacted Amaan before dying and that Amaan is the blackmailer. He along with Ali Baksh plans to bring Ana home and then take revenge from Amaan. Ana chose to stay back and not go to her father’s place. There occurs a rift between Amaan and Meer Farooq. The entire scenario where Amaan threatened Meer Farooq was executed brilliantly. Ana’s reaction was justified. She chose to stay but not as Amaan’s wife but as Meer Farooq’s daughter. It was obviously impossible for her to believe any of what she heard from Amaan about her father.

In the next episode we see Amaan and Aina are going to Daryabagh to find the truth. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? WHAT WILL AINA DO?