Nowadays we come across drama serials based on very clichéd topics which are easy to predict. However Farhat Ishtiaq’s “Ye Dil Mera” is very different to the other dramas. It is wrapped in thrill, suspense and mystery that are yet to be solved. Every episode of this drama serial leaves the audience at a cliffhanger which makes the audience more curious about the mystery and the entangled lives of the characters. Moreover this drama discusses the mental health issues in our society which are left unnoticed.

What is the mystery? What is Agha Jan hiding? Is Amaan here to take revenge from Agha Jan or is he actually in love with Noor ul Ain? These are the questions that are still not answered. Audience cannot stop gushing over the iconic pair of Sajal and Ahad and their sweet and sour chemistry. Also this drama serial talks about mental health as a stigma in our society.

Will this drama help the audience break the mental health taboo?

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