The chemistry between Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir continues to impress the viewers. The story is all about thrill and romance. Episode 14 opens up with Aina and Amaan’s married life where Amaan is apologizing to Aina for misbehaving with Ali Baksh. She finally agrees to her husband and they share romantic moments. On the other hand we see Agha Jan being concerned about Farhana (Aina’s Khala) as she is questioning about the death of her sister (Aina’s mother).

We see how Amaan is creating a wedge between Aina and Agha Jan. He hides and her phone and then he does not take her to the dinner at Agha Jan’s place. This scenario is painful to watch as Amaan is trying to break the bond between father and daughter. Judging from the promo of episode 15, Amaan will continue with his revenge and he will restrict Aina from going to his piano room.

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