In this episode Nargis Bua meets Farhana Khala and on their way to the hotel Farhana Khala keeps on asking about Nilofer’s death. Nargis Bua refuses to tell anything to Farhana but she tells her that Ana is in danger. On the other hand Amaan finally confesses everything to Ana about how and what he feels about her. Ana is adamant on her decision that she wants to prove Amaan wrong by collecting evidence supporting his father.

In the next scene Amaan goes and confronts Meer Farooq in a public gathering and there he reveals his identity and that leaves Meer Farooq speechless. He orders Ali Baksh to look for him but they fail to find him. Meer Farooq is destroyed completely due to the allegations against him regarding some drug case which apparently he planned against his worker and also he is upset about Ana missing.

Nargis Bua is connecting dots and she analyses that Amaan must have taken Ana to Daryabagh and they both must be there. She goes there with Farhana Khala’s help. NOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN?