How hot is it in your city? well it cant be as hot as Lahore gets in the summer. Amidst this blazing heat looking fresh and fashionable without getting a tan is easier said than done. So here is a list of 5 top summer essentials every girl should have in her bag and closet to beat the heat this summer

  1. Breezy kurta’s

Lawn is soo over-rated and overpriced . Summer is incomplete without a flair-y kurta made with the cool colors of summer. If your closet is filled with these than you’re doing Summer right!

2. Flip Flops

These multi-purpose shoes are a blessing given to us by the ancient Egyptians . Now flip Flops shouldn’t be disgraced as just being worn as bathroom slippers. These shoes are light weight, trendy and just perfect for summer time!

3. BB and CC creams

Wearing that thick layer of expensive foundation everyday might seem like a good idea when you’re leaving the house but the sun is no friend of Nars or Marc Jacobs. In Lahore’s heat you will just end up looking like a hot mess so try using BB creams such as Garnier’s or LA.Girl in the affordable everyday use range or the best CC cream i have ever used by IT cosmetics. Just do your skin a favor and it will love you back. Promise

P.S Almost all of them have an SPF additive

4. Sunblocks

Yes, The creams mentioned above do have SPF but trust me, an SPF 20 isn’t enough when its 50 degrees out there so get a sunblock with at least a 50 or plus SPF. If you have oily skin then neutrogena is a good option since it carries a drying effect. Options for dry skin can include Palmers moisturizing sunblock stick  or dermatologica sunblock.

5. Sunglasses

Now you might believe that people just wear sunglasses to look cool but that isn’t true at all. Sunglasses add an extra layer of protection for your eyes from the sun and should be considered an essential in the summer since your under eye area is highly sensitive to sun rays. Want to combat Pre-mature fine lines and wrinkles? Buy a pair of sunglasses!